How do I focus (sometimes)?

29 Jul 2021 - 13 minute read

Wow, look at this, my first personal opinion post on something. Hey if you are struggling with focusing on your work sometimes, don'f feel bad! We all do! Here I go through a few differetn ways I keep focus on the imporant things to me, even though I am surrounded by screens, chats, and YouTube.

For the love of PROD: Test your code! (Part 1)

28 Jun 2021 - 11 minute read

In the old days, software release cycles were slower then they are today. When you would release Super Mario Brothers on the NES, there was no backsies! You could not patch the game (well at least not in any cost efficient way), bring new features or even fix bugs that have crept in during development. Yes, yes. Nintendo was delivering their products on read only cartridges, and that made it very difficult to update anything.

Getting and restoring a Sun Ultra 1 Workstation

10 May 2021 - 10 minute read

It is the year 2021 and I've decided to by a Sun Microsystems Workstation from 1995. Can I get it working? What are its flaws? And just how awesome it is?

My experience with the Apple M1 Macbook Air

08 May 2021 - 8 minute read
categories: hardware tags: hardware apple laptops m1 arm

After a long time I bought myself a new laptop. I've decided to bite the bullet and grab the newly fangled Apple Silicon (M1) Macbook. Here I get to tell you my experience with it.

Awesome vim plugins: quick-scope

21 Apr 2021 - 3 minute read
categories: awesome vim plugins tags: vim plugins tools

Vim is all about speed and efficiency! Movement in a text file is the thing that can slow you down. Let's have a look at a plugin that solves the horizontal movement bit. Quick-Scope

Awesome vim plugins: vim-plug

16 Apr 2021 - 5 minute read
categories: awesome vim plugins tags: vim plugins tools

Do you find managing vim plugins frustrating? Do you think there needs to be a better way for that? Well then, let's talk about vim-plug. The plugin manager that plugs in plugins!

Multiplex Your Terminal With Tmux

05 Apr 2021 - 12 minute read

Are you tired of your work being lost due to a broken SSH connection? Do you wish you can look at your code and run commands at the same time? Do you just want to look cool? Let's talk about TMUX - the Terminal Multiplexer.

Do awesome things with Infrastructure as Code (PART 1)

23 Mar 2021 - 9 minute read

Clicking is no fun if you have to do it over and over again. Let's avoid clicking and start using code to define, describe and create our infrastructure. Let's start talking about doing awesome things with Infrastructure as Code

Installing Windows 2000 on real hardware in 2021

15 Mar 2021 - 12 minute read

Getting Windows 2000 to run on actual hardware! How hard can it be?

My Work From Home Setup

11 Mar 2021 - 7 minute read

Here is how I get all this streaming, recording, and screaming at the camera done