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06 Mar 2021 - 2 minute read


You may be wondering “Who is this person that is blabbing on this website, and why should I care?”. Well, my name is Darko Mesaroš, or Darko Meszaros, or even Дарко Месарош. Depends who you ask and in what piece od document you look at.

I am a Senior Developer Advocate focusing on Central and Eastern Europe. My goal is to share my passion and technological know-how with Engineers, Developers, and communities across the world. If it can be automated, I will definitely try to do so. Most of my focus is towards DevOps and Management Tools, where automation, pipelines, and efficient developer tools is the name of the game – click less and code more so you do not repeat yourself - is what I say! I have a long IT career in various areas, from retail, to government, to even large telcos.

My big bald head

At AWS, Before all this, I was working as a Premium Support Engineer at AWS, in Dublin. 🇮🇪 This position taught me what kind of issues and problems do our customers face on a day to day base, and allowed me to deep dive into these issues and help the customer resolve them succesfully. Here I learned how to use and support the AWS Developer tools such as CodeDeploy, CodeBuild, Code … well, you get it, anything with ‘Code’ in front of it. Services such as CloudFormation, OpsWorks, ECS and ElasticBeanstalk were my daily thing, and I dealt with customer issues connected to these.

After my role in Premium Support, I moved to Berlin, Germany 🇩🇪 to work as Solutions Architect, helping our German customers and teaching the the way of The Cloud!

And before AWS … yeah I know, we need to cut it short. I worked in various organizations - From massive Telecommunications Companies to local Government and Judicial offices. (I even was a van delivery driver for a short amount of time).

As a passionate collector of old computers, I have a collection of computers and games and they came as an inspiration to tinker with computers as much as possible! I come from Subotica, Serbia , but currently am living in Berlin, Germany

🎙️ If you wish to listen to a lovely podcast I did with devjourney.info, you can check it out here


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