You may be wondering “Who is this person up in the corner of this website, and why should I care?”. Well, my name is Darko Mesaroš, or Darko Meszaros, or even Дарко Месарош. Depends who you ask and in what piece od document you look at.

Currently work as a Specialist Solutions architect at Amazon Web Services. A Specialist you say? Indeed, I am specializing in AWS Management Tools and the AWS Marketplace. That means I am covering all those lovely tools such as AWS OpsWorks, AWS CloudFormation, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Systems Manager, the AWS Marketplace, and unnofficially anything to do with DevOps (and also much more). With this knowledge and experience, I help our customer in Deep Dive technical discussions on these products, and how to best apply them to their Cloud Architecture. Also, I work closely with AWS Service teams to advocate for our customers on their behalf and help drive the direction of some services to best fit our customer needs.

Before all this, I was working as a Premium Support Engineer at AWS, in Dublin. This position taught me what kind of issues and problems do our customers face on a day to day base, and allowed me to deep dive into these issues and help the customer resolve them succesfully. Here I learned how to use and support the AWS Developer tools such as CodeDeploy, CodeBuild, Code … well, you get it, anything with ‘Code’ in front of it. Services such as CloudFormation, OpsWorks, ECS and ElasticBeanstalk were my daily thing, and I dealt with customer issues connected to these.

And before that … yeah I know, we need to cut it short. I worked in various organizations - From massive Telecommunications Companies to local Government and Judicial offices. (I even was a van delivery driver for a short amount of time).

I come from Subotica, Serbia , but currently am living in Berlin, Germany


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